Saturday, August 13, 2011

It has been so long

I finally thought i should post again. I noticed that my last posting was in Oct 2010and at that time thought of taking a short break. But did not realise that it will be so long.

I am fine and going for my regular check ups and leading life with many daily challenges.

Whenever i tell people i am a breast cancer survivor, i get so many different reaction. Young people just brush it a side as another event in someone's life. Others ask more questions but that is about it. I can see from some of the women's expression that i not need to know about it as it would not happen to me. Well i hope these women are aware that more and more Malaysian women are getting breast cancer and early detection is vital.

A few months ago, visited a breast cancer survivor who had to met with cancer again and passed away. I was really glad that i made every attempt to visit her a week before she died. She was in her midst 30s and had lead active live. She definitely lead the her life to the fullest. She had touched and inspired so many others.

Events like these forces us to take stock of of lives and appreciate what we have.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breast Caner Awareness Talk at the Rotary Club

After i gave the talk at the Tamil School, i was invited to give another talk to the Rotary Club in Klang. This was definitely a challenge to me! Why? Because most of the Rotarians were men with only a few ladies among them.

This is my first time dealing with a majority men crowd. I showed my usual slides which included breast self examination and in the end i touched on the importance on husbands and boyfriends giving their full support to their wives or girls friends when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. The audience had many questions to ask and it was an interactive session.

Rotarians listening to what i had to say about breast cancer!

Receiving a certificate of appreciation.

This month of October, i have been quiet involved with NCSM on creating breast cancer awareness, particapting at roadshows and attended a sharing session at the Hospital Serdang. I have posted some pictures at my facebook.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Breast Cancer talk at Tamil School, Setia Alam

I have not been posting for nearly two months now and i only realised this when i saw my how time flies.

I have been busy with many things and including going through a career change. My high blood pressure is not stable now cfontrary to what i thought that by leaving the corporate world it would stabilise but it has not. I have recently starting going to university hospital to address the issue and the attending doctor has changed the prescription for the medicine. I just had a blood test taken and I am waiting for the results.

Last week i also had my mammography done which is the normal 6 months routine. I was told everything was normal and the date for the next mammography is a year from now. Thank for God for that!

Towards end of last month i did two presentations in creating breast cancer awareness, firstly to the teachers from the SJK(Tamil) North Hummock, Setia Alam. My cousin's wife who is a teacher there organised this talk.As this is a Tamil type school, for the first time i had to do my presentation in Tamil. My cousin said i did quite well...hurray hurray as i thought my Tamil is not that fluent! After the presentation i began to realise that many women folk beyond the town and cities are not aware of many aspects of breast cancer. I touched on the myths & symptoms of breast cancer and breast self examination. With many inquisitive questions from the young teachers i was glad i did my part in creating breast cancer awareness that day.

I am presenting my talk before the teachers.

Teachers in discussion after hearing the myths of breast cancer.

My audience listening tentatively to me ..ha..ha!.

My contribution to well being of women folks get paid in kind.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The reflexologist

Today was my mother's six month check up with Prof Yip. The good Prof said my mother was fine and we with her for less than 10 minutes. There were may ladies waiting to see her. Unlike other times, i could not pick a conversation with anyone as both of us were seated at a corner...ha..ha!

Yesterday was a day that proved to be a motivating. I go this reflexology centre at least once a month. And yesterday I went to the reflexologist and as i was having a conversation i found out about his wife. Firstly he is blind and his second son is a slow learner which i knew earlier. What i found out yesterday made me feel really proud of having known him. He told me that his wife developed a mental disorder 5 years ago. So she is under strong medication and he is always watchful of her as anything can trigger her mood swings. He seem to know alot and i found out he is also well read on this topic. He has always appeared to be cheerful and talkative. So with all these challenges he can smile at life.

Many people these days, have actually got many of their perceptions in life wrong. To me yesterday the reflexologist amazed me and motivated me to meet challenges ahead with determination and confidence in this journey of ongoing of adventure.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

These couple of months

I am back after some break. It not that i did not want to do any posting but suddenly over the view months since my last posting i have become some what very busy.

Many of my blog visitors who i have recently meet as me why i have not blog recently and ere are some of the questions asked by them:

Have you got a job and gone back to the corporate world?
No i have not got a job. I am now a risk management consultant working from home dealing in various financial and estate planing products. I am slowly but surely getting a grip of this new adventure that i have taken on. It has been slow but i am learning about new skills especially dealing with people and getting to know about the outside world especially when i meet people from all walks of life. The first few months were not easy after years of working in an office environment to suddenly being in a home environment. Many who know me to come from a legal background are at first surprised and when they hear what i have gone through they understand....and say you had guts! Ha...ha!

Has it been easy doing something totally new to sustain one self?
Well it has been a challenge but it is something new and give me the excitement to do something new. Initially i have to cut my corner and live within my means.

What has happened to the issue with your previous company?
I can now proudly reveal that i had taken the matter to industrial relation dept and the matter did not get settled there. So i am now progressing with the next course of action. I am lucky that i met the right set of people to give me good advise in dealing with this matter.

So now you must have lots of free time?
Since July 2010 i have been elected the Division C Governor for District 51, Toastmasters International with 33 clubs under me. So i have been really busy visiting clubs , attending installation ceremonies and being judge for speech contests. Toastmasters has always given me the self confidence and self esteem over the years and it will continue to push me to greater heights. It is an atmosphere surrounded by warmth, positive energy and people that appreciate you. As toastmasters is a non profit organisation, our contribution is on a voluntary basis.

How is your health now?
My high blood pressure is much under control now that i am not in an office environment..ha..ha!

Well the above are a few common questions asked.

During this few months, i am also very sad that my fellow blogger Dalilah passed away as she lost her battle with cancer. She was a very gusty and couragerous lady. May her soul rest in peace. I had been caught up in my own world and had not been following her blog for some time. So it was total shocked to me when i received the news.

Two weeks ago i volunteered to be an emce for the IEM Family Day. It was the first time, for me to be an emcee for a family day and I enjoyed it tremendously. At one of the booths, i was asked to donate blood. When i told them i cannot, they wanted to know why. I told them i am breast cancer survivor. Oop! They just looked at me speechless!..Ha..ha!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Walked off my job

Wondering what’s become of me! Well I walked off my job early this month. After working for ten years with the same company and now with lots of indifference taking place, I decided that enough is enough. I value myself more and thus made a decision on what was best for me.

I have taken this bungy jump, I not know how long I will swing in mid air but I know that in the end when I complete my jump I will have no regrets for I would be proud of myself.

Of course going back to the corporate world will be a challenge now due to my age and as a cancer survivor. Considering all aspects I know I have come to a cross road in my career and I have made certain choices…to try new things and to excel with all confidence and self esteem.

In the midst of this, last week we, some members of Pink Unity had a swell of a time in Langkawi. Visiting the general hospital and having a sharing session with a big group of ladies from the civil services , the 31 odd members of Pink Unity were involved in. I for the first time emceed the event in Bahasa Malaysia and was proud for now I could provide master of ceremonies services in both languages…ha..ha!

Of course, we also had great fun and camaraderie. We also proved that no outing is fun without shopping just like most Malaysian women. I will post more on the trip in the next post.

I have been busy with other things at home, very involved in my toastmasters' activities and decided to take a short break before making up my mind on my career plan.

When ones self- worth and self- esteem are tested then it is time to rise to the occasion.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I turned 44 last Tuesday. I took off from work for the day and visited temples and friends. My resolution where birthdays are concerned is to celebrate in many different ways that i can. I received many birthday wishes and gifts from many good hearts. They wishes and blessings made my day.

My birthday wish is for life to be filled with lots of laughter and joy..ha..ha. It the midst of many challenges for God the bestow on me the inner strength to face all type of situations and to more on.

Two weeks ago i went for my did my mammography The radiologist report states that there is many calcification on my right breast. She wants me wants to me to do any mammography in 6 months. Oh well! As usual doing a mammography is a uneasy experience.